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Applications & Programs

In this part of the website, you'll find information about the major programs in the Government section of, including the Federal Investments Program, SLGS, the Trust Funds Program, Federal Borrowings Program, and Securities Liquidations.

The description of each program includes an overview, regulations, appropriate forms, contact information, and links to the reports, interest rate data, and resources sections.

  • Federal Investments Program
    Program overview, Online Library, new customer information and forms, news and more.
  • State and Local Government Securities (SLGS)
    Program overview, Forms, SLGS Brochure, Regulations Quick Reference Guide, information about SLGSafe, and more.

  • Trust Funds Program
    Program overview, Trust Funds Managers List, and more.
  • Federal Borrowings Program
    Program overview, establishing new agreements, forms and more.
  • Securities Liquidations and Proceeds
    Program overview, redelegation authority, IRS Levy, Bankruptcy, settlement or other litigation, proceeds and more.