Rates and Terms for Series HH Savings Bonds

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We stopped issuing HH bonds after August 2004. HH bonds earn interest for up to 20 years, so you may have HH bonds that are still earning interest.

How do HH bonds earn interest?

HH bonds earn interest that we pay every six months.

  • You locked in the interest rate for the first 10 years after the HH bond's issue date.
  • On the bond's 10th anniversary, we could reset the rate for the next 10 years of the bond's life.
  • Interest stops when the HH bond is 20 years old.

In what months does my HH bond earn interest?

The interest on an HH bond is paid directly to you every six months, as shown below.

Issue month of your bond We pay interest on
January January 1 / July 1
February February 1 / August 1
March March 1 / September 1
April April 1 / October 1
May May 1 / November 1
June June 1 / December 1
July July 1 / January 1
August August 1 / February 1
September September 1 / March 1
October October 1 / April 1
November November 1 / May 1
December December 1 / June 1

What is the interest rate for HH bonds that still earn interest?

1.5 percent.

How much interest is that?

If your bond is for At this interest rate Your payment every six months is
1.5% $3.75
1.5% $7.50
1.5% $37.50
1.5% $75.00

Does the interest get added to HH bonds?

No. Interest is paid to you every six months. The value of the bond never changes.

(Note: Before Series HH savings bonds, we issued Series H savings bonds. All H bonds have matured.)